Petronele Miliauskaité - Ruiz

Petronele was born in 06.03.1911 in Kuczkininkai/ Punsku (Punsk) Poland
Son of Jokūbas Miliauskas and Danuté Kupcinska-Miliauskiene. (name in Lithuano)
Jakub Milewski had with 1ª wife, the children:
  1. Ona Miliauskaite-Stankeviciene * 1891 † 1942 in Lithuania
  2. Antanas Miliauskas * 1894 † 1937 in Lithuania
His wife died and Jakub married with Dominika Kupczynska (Danuté Kupcinskas-Miliauskiene, name in Lithuano). ( 2º marriage) and tiveram os filhos:
  1. Vincas Miliauskas * 1907 † 1980
  2. Petronele Miliauskaité * 06/03/1911 in Kuczkininkai/ Punsku (Punsk) Poland
  3. Izabelé Miliauskaité-Šabonienė * 1912 † 1962 in Kalvarija/Marijampolis/Lithuania
  4. Alfonsas Miliauskas-Jagèla * 1914 † 1998 Lithuania
  5. Jonas Miliauskas († still young)

Variations of Name:
Petronele Miliauskaite (in Lituano), Petronele Milewska (in Pole), Petruska Milianskaite (in some documents), Petronilla, Petruse (diminutive form of Petronele) and finally, known for Petrúcia.

Important comment:
The place of birth of Petronela in 1911, year of its birth, belonged to the Lithuania, however with the constant wars, in 1920 started to belong for the Poland. In the occasion of immigration to Brazil, the family lived in Kalvarija/Marijampolis/Lithuania. Then, in its documents in Brazil, it she appears as been born in Kalvarija (local of origin). Although its birth certificate is Polish, it she was lituana citizen as well as its brother that they had remained in the Lithuania, therefore Kuczkininkai/Punsku belonged to the Lithuania in the occasion of its birth. E the family was to live in Kalvarija and followed the lituanos traditional customs (culture)...

Petronele immigrated for Brazil with 13 years of age, arriving in May of 1924.
Your parents had deceased and it and the brothers they liveed with an uncle. The politician-economic situation at the time was very difficult in the Lithuania and Petruska emigrated with a family who came to Brazil.
We do not know the last name of this family, who are, what it is making it difficult to discover given on its arrival. Petronele had 13 years, was minor and in the immigration archives nothing with the name of it does not meet, certainly consists as dependent of the head of the family with who it came. But without knowing who they were, if it becomes impossible to find his arrival to Brazil.
If somebody to know of this history or will have some related information, please it enters in contact. To unmask this mystery is to discover the history of our family!
In the documetos made in Brazil, marriage certificate and others, its name consists as Petruska Milianskaite. She was known as Petrúcia, for the family and friends, and in her birth certificate the correct is Petronele Milewska.
The brothers of Petronele lived in Lithuania , in the city of Kalvarija/Marijampolis/Lituania. Jonas Miliauskas already had died (younger brother).
We do not know in which Porto Petronele disembarked, in which ship, where it lived when it arrived at Brazil, we only find the month of the arrival, May of 1924. She lived in Joaquin Távora, old north of the State of the Paraná, with a family of German origin that had a pension in the city, where today it is the Pernambucana House. The pension was of Mr. Carlos Ebert and Clara Lintzmayer Ebert. Petronele lived with this family until if marrying.
married with José Manoel Ruiz Martinez on 19.03.1928 in the city of Joaquim Távora - PR. place where its children had been born:
  1. João Ruiz * 18/04/1929 in Joaquim Távora - PR, + 09/12/1984 in Londrina - PR
  2. Isídio Ruiz * 01/09/1930 (still young)
  3. Ilídia Ruiz * 14/11/1931 in Joaquim Távora PR, she married Olívio Novelli, they live in Londrina - PR
  4. Silvio Ruiz * 12/11/1933 in Joaquim Távora - PR, married with Matilde Fernandes, they live in Londrina.
  5. Leony Ruiz * 12/10/1935 in Joaquim Távora-PR, she married with Manoel Isidoro da Silva.
  6. Carolina Ruiz * 18.07.1937 in Joaquim Távora-PR, he married Pedro Morais, they live in Londrina.
  7. Célia Ruiz * 25.10.1941 in Joaquim Távora-PR, she live in Londrina.
  8. Lourival Ruiz (Neno), * 25/07/1947 in Joaquim Távora-PR, † 11/02/1979. married with Mary Vanderly Almeida * 10/11/1951.
  9. José Iokubas Ruiz (Pinduca) * 01/09/1950 in Joaquim Távora-PR, they live in Londrina-PR.

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Petronele, husband  José and children João and Leony Petronele, husband  and children Petronele - in years 60 (page 35 in - Onde o bairro é a casa - IPAC/LD Petronele Miliauskaite (Petruska, petrúcia) and José Manoel Ruiz José Ruiz, Petrucia and greats-grandson biography of Petruska, pág 52 Names of Streets of Londrina

In 1950 Petronele (Petruska) and family that they inhabited in Joaquin Távora - PR, had moved for Londrina and they had been to live in Vila Casoni, quarter next to the center to the city. They had been one of the first inhabitants of the Village.
Petronele lived in the Casoni village until its death the 21 of March of 1991.

Brasão de Armas da cidade Briedel/MoselPetruska Milianskaite Ruiz Street - In 1997, it received a homage from the City hall of Londrina - PR, in which the Street Petruska Milianskaite Ruiz was nomeda, with the law nº 6.786/96 of authorship of vereador Deolino Basseto. Streets had been nomeads, Squares and Avenues in homage to the pioneers of the city of Londrina. Also they had received name from Street, Jose Manoel Ruiz (her husband) and João Ruiz (her son). These Streets are located in the conjunct of Itamarati edifice.

Recover Miliauskas
After almost 80 years of the immigration of Petronele to Brazil and total loss of contact with the family who was in the Lithuania, and of much search saw Internet, we find the family. They are the descendants of the brothers of Petronele. They live in Sestokai/Alytaus/ Lithuania, well next the Kalvarija, Vilnius e alguns em Kaunas. They see the details in: Recover Miliauskas

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